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Jasmine | 04/10/2013

Hello. My order number is 3194. I paid for my item on 9/30 & I still have yet to recieve a conformation email saying my package has shipped. Please let me know something. Thanks!

Reply:Hi, Thanks for your patience.your order has been shipped out with the tracking number 1013978604 You can track it here

Andre | 04/10/2013

I would like to know the status of order#3183. I place this order on September 30th with confirmation of the payment via paypal was complete. Herostime advertises, "In Stock ship in 24 hours". Today is Oct. 4th and I have not yet received an email stating my order was shipped. Could you please let know the status of my order? Thanks!

Reply:Hi Andre, Thanks for your order and patience. your order has been shipped out with the tracking number 1013978276. You can track it here Best Regards

David | 04/10/2013

Hi My Order number is #3444 And I need the costume by Friday October 11! I got the expedited shipping yesterday October 3 to make sure it comes or it'll be all a waste! Will the costume come by then or should I hope that it does!

Reply:Hi David, Thanks for your patience. your order has been shipped out with the tracking number 1013978501. You can track it here

Emma Spaulding | 03/10/2013

I placed an order on September 30th and the receipt says they will send a confirmation email and it never was received. This order was placed and paid for using PayPal. The only number I have is: Receipt ID 4448-7440-4665-2249 in the amount of $83.26. I also sent an email asking about the status on this order and I have not received a reply. When will my order ship? Has it shipped yet? Please email me at

Reply:Hi Emma, We have seen your order,your order number is #3178,please don't worry, your order will be shipped out in 2 working days,after we ship it out,we will send email to you with the tracking number. Best Regards

Julia | 03/10/2013

Hello my order number is 3304 I ordered yesterday 10/02 will receive my order bu 10/18? I also would like to change the size to large is this possible?

Reply:Hi, Thanks for your order. we have already change the M to L for your order, and we ensure you can recieve it before 10/18,please don't worry.