Rules of Membership Reward Points

Get Reward Points when sign up
1. Rule: all registered costumers will get 10 points in there account
2. Time: 4.23 - 5.13
How to get reward points?
1. you can get 10 points when you sign up according to our this event ( Get Get Reward Points when sign up )
2.  All registered customers can collect one point in their membership points system for each dollar they spend.
     For instance, A ( A is one customer's name ) has three orders on our website separately.
     For example:
          The subtotal of the 1st order is $50 US dollars, then he gets 50 points. The total membership points is 50.
         The 2nd order is $60, so he collects 60 pionts then the total comes to 110.
         The 3rd order is $80 and 80 pionts, so his membership points reaches 190.
Functions of the points?
1. To be our VIP customer, you can get many special discount.
     When your membership points reach a certain amount, you will be our special members ( VIP member ) who can get permanent discount. The exact discount will depend on your points. 
    Following is of how the membership points and the discount match in detail. 
         Diamond Membership: 5,000 pionts and the above, 32% off forever
        Gold Membership: 1,000 to 4,999 points, 20% off forever
        Senior Membershio: 100 to 999 points, 10% off forever
2. you can get some free products when you points reach a certain value ( please pay attention to our event, next time we will hold this event )
3. you can get the other special offer which is prepared for the VIP customer.