Coupon Code for the New Registered Customers has been set up for one month. During this month, we have been working hard to offer our customers more and more amazing costumes. And, we have been answered. Many customers are contacting us to know the costumes and to place their orders. We are really grateful and we will work harder to offer better service as well as better costumes. Now, we have a discount coupon for all new customers to thanks them for their like and support.
Time: February 1st to March 1st
The Rule: All who register account successfully on will be e-mailed a coupon code of $10 OFF  immediately. So please make sure the e-mail you use to register is valid. You can use this coupon when you making order.
The email is like this picture,you can find the coupon code in the email content:
email title:
email title
email content:
email content
*Note:  Please check in the "Spam" folder if you don't see receive the email in 10 mins after registering.